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TOUR Caddy Experience

If you are looking to lower your scores, play better golf, get more enjoyment for golf or simply experience the unique ‘tour experience’ on offer then the ‘Tour Caddy Experience’ is for you.

Tour Caddy Experience

The ‘Tour Caddy Experience’ caddies are available around the UK ready to offer their wealth of knowledge and experience to help with your game either at Lindrick or elsewhere. Amateur golfers can truly get an experience that is second to none.

Book Your Experience Today

For more information or to book the ‘Tour Caddy Experience’ at Lindrick or your home course, call Steve Brotherhood on +44 (0)7739 333 319 or email [email protected] and quote LINDRICK as your reference.


  • What Does The 'Tour Caddy Experience' Provide
    • The on course ‘TOUR CADDIE EXPERIENCE’
    • A professional caddie on your bag
    • On course tips & advice
    • Course management insights
    • Advice on round strategy
    • Post round written report on your game
    • Advice & tips around club selection
    • Decision making advice for your game
    • Constructive range sessions
    • Practice round focus & strategy
    • Life on tour chat/Q&A
    • Caddies around the UK