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Dress Codes at Lindrick

These are referred to as :-  Golf Shoe; Pre-noon; Jacket & Tie; Shirtsleeve Order; Casual; Black Tie.

Golf Shoe : Where someone is fully attired for golf they may commute between locker rooms and golf course wearing golf shoes. This includes their use of the ‘Lindrick Mat’ to stand & collect an order from the main bar for consumption on the terrace outside.

Pre-noon : Where someone arrives clean & neatly attired for golf & not wearing golf shoes.

Jacket and Tie : Where someone is attired in jacket and tie or roll neck sweater and jacket.

Shirtsleeve Order : Where consent is given in hot conditions to remove jackets.

Casual : Open neck buttoned shirt, tieless, no ripped clothing. Club social events only.

Black Tie : Where Black Tie or Dinner Suit is the preferred attire for a specific event.

The Ryder Cup Room & Heritage / Old Card Room
For your relaxation & the enjoyment of food & liquid refreshment, all codes bar Golf Shoe are permitted here. No wet or muddy attire at any time, please.

Main Lounge Bar
All codes are permitted here bar Golf Shoe until 12.00pm. No golf shoes or wet or muddy attire at any time. Thereafter jacket and tie or roll neck sweater please. Ladies are requested to attire to a similar standard of smartness in the Bar or Dining Room, and not in golfing attire.

Dining Room
Jacket and ties are always required when using our formal Dining Room, and Ladies are requested to attire to a similar standard of smartness in the Bar or Dining Room, not in golfing attire at any time in our main dining room. Your support for our clubs’ standards is greatly appreciated by Lindrick Golf Club. Golf attire is not permitted within our main dining area, and we would ask that all guests are informed prior to arrival. Ties may be relaxed at the Captain discretion during particularly hot weather. May we take this opportunity to thank our valued guests for respecting our clubs heritage

Boys aged under eleven are not required to wear a jacket and tie in the Bar or Dining Room but must comply with all other aspects of the Dress Code. Boys aged eleven or over must please follow the Men’s Dress Code while all girls must please follow the Ladies Dress Code. Those accompanying junior members are welcome only in the Ryder Cup Room and are requested to please follow our Dress Code, but are NOT permitted to purchase or consume alcoholic drinks in accordance with the Club’s license.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones must please be switched fully off or to airplane mode, both on the Course and in the Clubhouse. Calls may be made from inside our telephone kiosk in the main Clubhouse hallway adjacent to the staircase, or they may be made outside in our car park. ‘Wifi’ is available at no charge.

Playing the Course

Lindrick is a genuine championship course, and it is a requirement that all players should be regular club players with a current handicap. No visiting player of any handicap may drive off our Blue Tees. Blue tees are exclusive to authorized championship events.

All visitors must change in our locker rooms and must please sign in and register at the Professional’s shop immediately after arrival and before teeing off.

Fee Ticket
The Green Fee ticket should be retained & displayed at all times.

On the Course

Practice Areas
Extensive practice facilities, one with covered bays are available. There is in addition an all-weather artificial turf practice area. Baskets of balls are available from the Pro’s shop.

Play should be from yellow tees unless specific permission to play from the White tees has been obtained from the Club Manager or the Professional.

Course Etiquette
It is expected that that the etiquette of golf relative to the care of the Course (for example the replacement of divots and repair of pitch marks) and to the speed and priority of play should be adhered to at all times.

Trolleys must not be taken on to teeing areas or between greenside bunkers or on to the greens.

A limited number of buggies are available for hire. These must be booked in advance via the Professional’s Shop by players with certificated medical need and a full driving licence..

Private vehicles
Private vehicles are left in the club car park at the owner’s own risk.

Personal belongings
Visitors are reminded that the Club will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings.