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Hole Four

Par 5, Yards 478, SI 12 More Info
Hole Description

A picturesque par 5, designed in the late 19th century by Tom Dunn, begins with an initial drive over the gorse bushes with new bunkers to the right to accentuate the dogleg angle and throw down the gauntlet to the big hitters. The hole then has a dramatic blind approach shot played into a sunken green with the River Ryton to the rear. This was also the hole where the Ryder Cup players angered a local landowner and resulted in Roy Ullyett’s (of the Daily Express) famous sports cartoon depicting the event, a copy of which still hangs in the clubhouse.

Pro's Tip

Aim your tee shot to the left half of the fairway to allow for the right to left slope. For the second shot the green is in range for long hitters. For average golfers aim your second shot, play to the right side of the fairway.
The approach shot is into the green at the bottom of a steep slope. Check your yardage and hit a positive shot.